West One Corporation

Since West One Corporation was established, we have developed the capabilities to support “High End” and “Niche” technical industries around the world. Our mission is to provide high technology companies with a global network of sales and market development personnel who can effectively introduce your products into new markets and applications.

Some of our key advantages include: 

1. A global net work of experienced development engineers with contacts in the USA, Europe and throughout the Asia Pacific region

2. Direct contact with end users to establish the development and evaluation of your products

3. Rapid and concise information exchange to effectively move your projects forward

4. Eliminate expatriate costs while still taking advantage of regional growth opportunities

In today’s global business environment, quickly identifying a suitable market for your products is one of the key points for the successful growth of any company. West One’s network and experience are ideally suited to this task, helping your company obtain future growth and profitability targets without the need, or high costs, of in-country staff.

Company Profile

Company name :               West One Corporation

Address :                          7F, Toranomon 40 MT Bldg, 5-13-1 

                                        Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 


Date of establishment :      August 2006

Capital :                            JPY25,000,000

Managing Director :           Katsuto Takano

Phone :                            +81-3-4530-9885

Fax :                                +81-50-3488-2690

E-mail :                            info@west-1.co.jp