PTFE Micropowder

  • Product No:KT series / KTL series
  • Manufacturer:Kitamura Limited

Kitamura Limited has an excellent milling technology, and developed the unique PTFE micro powder.

KT & KTL series is the only one product in the global market which has heat resistance at 400 °.

There are several diameters depending on the polymers and applications such as POM, Polyamide,PPS, PEI and PEEK, etc.

KT & KTL are widely used for tribological applications like gear, sealing, and coating in the world.  


KT series

  • Fine powder of completely sintered the highest-molecular-weight and the highest heat-resistant PTFE.

  • Not thermally decomposed at 420°C, also the best for POM which is not good at acidic gas.

  • Does not flow at temperatures at and over the melting point, retaining uniform dispersion at high temperatures.


  • Fine powder of completely sintered high-molecular-weight PTFE.

  • Excellent flow and dispersion characteristics. Can be fed into kneaders directly by side feeding.

  • Minute mass or shape change around the melting point, contributing to high stability in mold strength and size.


  • Refer to KTL-450A, KTL-450, KTL620


KT series

  • Every kinds of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics (including POM), Rubbers, Elastomers


  • Plastics (processing temperature : over 350°C), Rubbers, Elastomers (PEEK, Aromatic PA, PES, Thermoplastic PI, PEI, PAI etc.)


  • Plastics (processing temperature : less 350°C), Rubbers, Elastomers (PPS, PA, PBT, PC, General plastics etc.)